What Are the Characteristics of the Country Cottage Style?

characteristics-country-cottage-style Credit: Lee & Jimmy Fisher / EyeEm/EyeEm/Getty Images

A country cottage style of interior design combines elements of country style and cottage style. Cottage style features clean lines in combination with casual and relaxed furnishings. Country styles feature rustic or handmade elements and warm, cheerful colors.

Cottage style interior design draws on the tradition of decorating humble homes with simple and resourceful furnishings. The style features downscaled elements, such as painted furniture and found objects, which would have been affordable in ordinary homes. For a more modern look, the cottage style updates these elements using a clean simplicity featuring pale colors, natural fabrics and classic patterns.

Country style interior design makes use of the rich tradition of rural homes in early America. This style uses elements common to farm houses, such as cheerful but muted colors, simple and practical accents and handmade textiles, furniture and decorations. Some popular examples of American country decor include gingham fabrics, handmade quilts, painted wood decorations and functional plates, bowls and baskets.

A country cottage style combines these two traditions. For instance, a designer could choose rustic, handmade items and place them within a cottage arrangement that is cleaner and more simple. To update decorations made in traditional country media of wood, stoneware and textiles, use softer colors and blend them with plain furnishings and natural elements.