How Do You Change Windows and Screens on Andersen Storm Doors?


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To switch out windows or screens on Andersen storm doors, press to unsnap the retaining strip from the door frame around the entire door, remove the window or screen, install the other window or screen and press the retaining strip back into place. If the door handle is in the way of the retaining strip, make sure it is turned up or down to allow the strip to be removed.

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Andersen storm doors protect exterior building doors from extreme weather. Change the windows to screens or vice versa with the following steps.

  1. Unsnap the retaining strip from the door frame
  2. Using both thumbs, start from the top of the door and push the retaining strip to unsnap it from the door frame. The strip must be completely unsnapped around the entire door to change out windows or screens.

  3. Change the window or screen
  4. Once the retaining strip has been unsnapped, the existing window or screen should easily pop out of the frame. Simply switch out the window or screen while the retaining strip is unsnapped.

  5. Secure the new window or screen to the frame
  6. Snap the retaining strip back into place to secure the new window or screen onto the door frame.

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