How Do You Change Toro CCR 2000 Spark Plugs?

To change a Toro CCR 2000 spark plug, partially disassemble the snow blower’s control panel, replace the spark plug and any defective components such as a damaged ignition coil, set the air gap between the electrodes of the new spark plug, and reinstall the control panel. Be sure to follow any safety precautions while repairing or operating the snow blower.

Before changing the spark plug, turn the ignition switch off and remove the key to prevent the possibility of accidental starting. Detach the control panel of the snow thrower’s housing, and remove it to reveal the spark plug and the spark plug wire. Pull the wire off the spark plug and remove the plug. Replace the spark plug if it is cracked, fouled or dirty. Do not attempt to sandblast, scrape or clean the spark plug, as dirt may dislodge and fall into the cylinder causing engine damage. Set the gap between the outer and inner electrodes of the new spark plug to 0.032 inches, using a spark plug gapping tool. Use a torque wrench to screw the spark plug into the engine to a tightness 15 foot-pounds. To complete the process, push the wire onto the spark plug and re-install the control panel onto the snow thrower.

Toro recommends an inspection of the spark plug, scraper, drive belt and rotor blades of the CCR 2000 before each snow season to ensure that the snow thrower operates as expected. It affirms that using Toro replacement parts rather than “will fit” parts ensures best performance.