How Do You Change the Sand in a Pool Filter?

To change the sand in a pool filter, open the filter, disconnect the plumbing attached to the valve, remove the multiport, dig out the sand, clean the laterals, and add in new sand. Change the pool sand once every five years for optimum efficiency.

  1. Open the filter

    Open the filter to expose the internal components.

  2. Disconnect the plumbing

    Unfasten the unions attaching the plumbing to the valve to disconnect the plumbing. Remove the multiport.

  3. Dig out the sand

    Use a plastic cup to remove the sand. Do not use a shovel, as this may break the components.

  4. Clean the laterals

    Unscrew and remove all the laterals. Inspect each one, and replace any that are damaged. Create a mixture of water and muriatic acid, and soak the laterals to get rid of dirt. Rinse thoroughly, and reinstall the laterals before proceeding.

  5. Replace the sand

    Replace the under-drain assembly, and pour water into the filter until the tank is half full. Add the new sand according to the manufacturer's instructions. Be sure to level out the sand bed after adding each bag of sand. Reassemble the multi-port valve, and run the system in backwash mode. This allows the sand to settle around the laterals and flushes out dust from the sand.