How Do You Change a Roman Tub Faucet?

change-roman-tub-faucet Credit: Andersen Ross/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Characterized by a long, thin, downward-curving neck, a Roman tub faucet sits on top of a bathtub. There are three independent sections in this faucet, each of which are installed with their own separate hole. You need an Allen wrench and pliers to change a Roman tub faucet.

  1. Shut off the water valve

    Close off the water valves to the bath. If these are not accessible, then the main water line to the house needs to be shut off first.

  2. Remove the set screws

    Using the Allen wrench, loosen the set screws located on the handles of the faucet. Remove the handles by pulling them up and away from the tub surface after the screw is taken out.

  3. Remove the retaining screw on the spout

    To remove the spout, unscrew the retaining screw located on the back of the spout. After this, you can remove the spout by simply pulling it up.

  4. Install the new spout

    Insert the new spout into the hole. Tighten the retaining screw with the Allen wrench.

  5. Install the handles

    Screw the handles into place using the provided mounting hardware. Use plumber's putty on the surfaces that come into contact with the tub surface to protect it from external factors.