How Do You Change a Pool Light?

How Do You Change a Pool Light?

To change a pool light, shut off the electrical supply, open the light housing, remove the old bulb, insert the new one, reassemble the housing, connect the wiring, and restore the electricity. This 45-minute process requires a voltage sensor, a screwdriver, screws, a light bulb and a towel.

  1. Turn off the power

    Trip the circuit breaker that controls the pool lights, and use a non-contact voltage sensor to verify that the power is off.

  2. Open the housing

    Unscrew the pool housing, and pull it out. Unscrew the lens and gasket. Inspect the screws as you remove them, and discard any that are rusty or damaged.

  3. Replace the bulb

    Cover your hand with a towel. Unscrew and remove the old light bulb. Install the new one.

  4. Reassemble the housing

    Reattach the lens and gasket, and replace all of the housing screws. If you removed damaged screws when you opened the housing, replace them with new hardware.

  5. Reattach the housing

    Submerge the housing, and look for air bubbles emerging from the lens or gasket. If you see a steady stream of bubbles, take the housing out of the water, remove the lens and gasket, and reinsert them to form a proper seal. Connect the light housing to the wires in the pool wall. Push the housing into the lighting niche, and screw it in place.

  6. Restore the power

    Restore the electricity, and flip the light switch to test the new bulb.