How Do You Change Oil in a Honda Harmony Lawnmower?

Draining the oil from your Honda Harmony lawn mower is the first step in changing the oil, an important step in maintaining your mower. In order to accomplish the draining, you will need a waste rag, an oil pan and some knowledge about where to recycle the waste oil properly.

  1. Turn off the fuel shut off valve

    Turn the fuel shut off valve to Off. The valve is located next to the air filter on the left side of the mower.

  2. Begin draining oil by tilting mower

    Find the oil cap and dipstick located on the right side of the mower. Put an oil pan or similar container next to the lawn mower so that it catches the oil. Go to the bar that controls the mower for pushing, and lift the left side of the bar, holding the right side steady. This will tilt the mower towards the oil pan, and the oil should pour out of the engine.

  3. Finish draining and clean the oil receptacle

    Hold the mower in a tilted position until most of the oil has drained out. Once completed, set the mower down, and wipe the oil receptacle clean with the waste rag. Be sure to pour new oil into the motor before attempting to use the mower again.