How Do I Change a Lock Cylinder?

How Do I Change a Lock Cylinder?

To replace a lock cylinder, remove the knob, push the cylinder from behind to remove the retaining ring and cylinder housing, use retainer ring tool to remove the retainer ring, remove the cylinder plug, and replace the plug. Replace the pins in the plug to rekey the lock.

  1. Remove the doorknob

    Locate the release mechanism on the doorknob and press using an appropriate tool to remove the knob. Some knobs require removing the faceplate from the door by removing screws or prying the faceplate using a flathead screwdriver.

  2. Push the cylinder housing out of the knob

    Push on the cylinder from the back of the knob to remove the round sleeve. Continue pushing to remove the cylinder housing from the knob.

  3. Take off the retaining ring

    Use the lock-retainer ring tool to push on the ring that keeps the cylinder inside the housing. Save the retainer ring to hold the cylinder in place.

  4. Use the plug follower to remove the cylinder

    Insert the key into the lock and turn it either direction. Push the plug follower from the kit through the cylinder housing to remove the plug. If you are rekeying the lock, remove the pins and replace them following the color code on the kit.

  5. Replace the cylinder

    Insert the new cylinder into the housing and reverse the steps to reassemble the doorknob.