How Do You Change a Light Switch?


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Changing a light switch involves disconnecting the power supply to the switch and removing the old switch using an insulated screw driver. Once you've removed it, replace the old switch with a new one. You need an insulated screw driver, a voltage tester and a new light switch to accomplish this task.

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  1. Disconnect the power

    Locate the circuit breaker that shuts off the light switch in question, and flip off the circuit breaker. Use the voltage tester to check that the power is off by testing the light switch you're replacing. Flip the switch on and off as you observe the tester indicator.

  2. Remove the old switch

    Using a screw driver, undo the two screws that secure the switch to the switch box. Pull the switch out of the box. Examine how the switch is wired, and note the terminals. If possible, take a picture for reference. Undo the terminal screws, and remove the old switch.

  3. Fix the new light switch

    Orient the new switch properly, and reconnect the wires. Fasten the wires with the terminal screws using a screwdriver. Push the switch into the switch box, and secure it with screws. Switch the circuit breaker on, and test your switch.

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