How Do You Change the Light Bulb in a Panasonic Microwave Oven?

change-light-bulb-panasonic-microwave-oven Credit: Dave Johnston/CC-BY-2.0

Learning how to properly change the light bulb in your microwave is important for continuous maintenance of the appliance. Be sure to first unplug the microwave to ensure your safety during this process. To change the bulb, remove the vent cover and unscrew the current bulb; you need a screwdriver and a 20 or 30 watt light bulb.

  1. Unplug the microwave

    Unplug the microwave power cord from the wall. Once the cord is unplugged, let the microwave sit untouched for 10 minutes to ensure no power charges to the microwave throughout the process.

  2. Remove the vent

    Take your screwdriver, and remove the screws that hold the vent panel onto the microwave. Place the screws in a secure location, and take the panel off. The light bulb is beneath the vent cover.

  3. Replace the light bulb

    Unscrew the old bulb from the microwave, and replace it with the new bulb that is compatible with the Panasonic microwave model you own.

  4. Place the vent back on

    When you are finished, place the vent cover back on, and screw it in tightly. You can now carefully plug the microwave power cord back into the wall outlet. It is helpful to test the microwave to ensure the bulb works.