How Do You Change Lennox Furnace Filters?


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Replace a Leonnox furnace filter by turning off the unit, locating the filter, determining if it is reusable, purchasing the correct size filter, and installing the new filter. Replace filters at least four times per year in air handlers that provide both heating and air conditioning.

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  1. Turn off the furnace

    Turn off the furnace at the circuit breaker before removing the filter. Do not turn the furnace back on until the new filter is in place.

  2. Locate the filter

    In older systems, the filter is often located in the air-return duct. In newer furnaces, locate the filter inside the air handler. Open the access door or duct cover, and remove the old furnace filter.

  3. Determine the type of filter

    Filters with cardboard frames are disposable. If the filter has a plastic frame, do not replace it unless it is torn or damaged. Vacuum and wash a reusable filter before replacing it. If the old filter is disposable, determine the size before discarding it.

  4. Purchase a new filter

    Purchase a new filter at the hardware store. Look for a filter that balances efficiency of filtering and heating economy.

  5. Install the filter

    Insert the new or cleaned filter back into the unit. Close the access door, or secure the return vent cover. Mark the date for the next furnace filter change.

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