How Do I Change My House's Fuse Box?

How Do I Change My House's Fuse Box?

To replace an old fuse box, turn off the main power to the home, and disconnect the wiring to the existing fuse box. The process of switching fuse boxes typically requires just a few hours. Contact a professional if you are unfamiliar with wiring and electricity.

  1. Turn the main breaker off

    Locate the main breaker, which is typically outside the house, and turn the breaker to the off position to turn the power off to the home. Use a test light to determine whether the power is off at the fuse box, and always assume that the lugs and main wires, located at the top of the box, are live. Avoid touching them with bare skin or conductive objects.

  2. Remove the old fuse box

    After the main power has been turned off, remove each wire, and label it carefully. The label should include the current voltage and its position, such as bottom left, to ensure that the wires are reconnected correctly.

  3. Install the new box

    Choose a new box, and use circuit breakers or fuses that are the exact amperage as those currently used. Install the circuit breakers, and connect the wiring. Turn the power on after all the wires are properly connected.