How Do You Change the Heating Element in a GE Dryer?


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To replace a GE dryer's heating coil, remove the appropriate panels and parts, cut out the old heating coils, stretch out the new coils and thread them through the insulators. Wind the wires around the terminals before putting the rest of the dryer parts back in place.

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After confirming that the heater coils are definitely the problem, disconnect the dryer and pull it away from the wall. Unfasten the screws on the rear access panel to lift it off, and remove the dryer belt from the motor pulley and idler pulley, noting how it is wrapped. Unscrew and lift out the metal plate behind the drum before unfastening the drum itself. Pull it out with care. Examine the heater coils, noting which ones have visible breaks. Cut the broken coils into several pieces using a wire cutter before lifting them out of the dryer. Be careful of the fragile standing insulators that hold them in place.

Stretch an outer coil to a length of 49 and one-half inches or an inner coil to 42 and one-half inches, and slide the terminal bolts through the insulators. On the side opposite the terminals, thread the heating coil through the insulators, and use a needle-nose pliers to wrap the wires between the nuts and washers on the terminals. Replace all dryer parts and panels before plugging in the power cord and testing the machine. Homeowners can also opt to contact GE Appliances to schedule a visit from a repair technician.

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