How Do I Change a Halogen Light Bulb?


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Halogen light bulbs are changed like any other light bulb, but it is imperative that you do not touch a new halogen bulb with your bare skin. Leaving an oily fingerprint on the bulb can create a "hot spot" that causes the gas to leak and can shorten the life of the bulb.

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How Do I Change a Halogen Light Bulb?
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A single fingerprint on a halogen bulb causes heat to concentrate on that area when the bulb is on. This additional heat shortens the life of the halogen bulb and can even cause it to burst.

Therefore, when changing a halogen bulb, make sure your hands are covered, preferably with a pair of gloves. Remove the used bulb first and discard it into a garbage bag that includes additional materials to cushion it and prevent breakage.

New halogen bulbs are typically packaged in a protective sleeve to prevent the formation of hot spots. For an additional layer of protection against hot spots, leave this sleeve on while installing the light bulb and remove it once the bulb is in place. Place the light straight into the light socket without setting it down.

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