How Do You Change a Garbage Disposal?

How Do You Change a Garbage Disposal?

To change a garbage disposal, turn off the electrical power, remove the disposal from the sink, disconnect the wires, and connect them to the new disposal. Attach the new disposal to the sink using the existing mounting hardware as long as it is in good shape.

  1. Turn off the electrical power

    Locate the circuit breaker for the garbage disposal, and turn it off.

  2. Disconnect the disposal from the sink

    Lift the bottom of the disposal gently. Unscrew the retaining ring, and lower the unit. If the dishwasher connects to the disposal, remove the hose by loosening the clamp and pulling the hose.

  3. Disconnect the wiring

    Turn the disposal upside down, and remove the electrical connection access plate. To free the wires, disconnect the ground screw and the wire nuts that connect the positive and negative feeds.

  4. Connect the new disposal

    Remove the access panel on the bottom of the new disposal. Connect the wires using the appropriate screws and wire nuts. Lift the disposal to the mounting hardware, and tighten the retaining nut. If attaching a dishwasher, knock out the plug, put the clamp over the hose, slide the hose into place, and tighten the clamp. Turn on the power, test the disposal, and check for leaks.