How Do You Change a Fluorescent Tube?

How Do You Change a Fluorescent Tube?

Change a florescent tube by removing the cover, removing the tube, installing the new tube and replacing the cover. Wear eye protection, as the glass is thin and shatters easily. Do not dispose of florescent tubes in the trash.

  1. Open the cover

    Manufacturers use various types of retaining devices to hold florescent tube covers in place. Take time to discover how the manufacturer holds them in place, and release them to access the tubes.

  2. Remove the tube

    Once you remove the cover, turn on the lights. Replace one or all of the lamps in the fixture at the same time. Wearing eye protection, rotate the tube 90 degrees, and pull it straight down. If the tube does not release, rotate it 180 degrees in the opposite direction, and try again.

  3. Install the new tube

    Install the new tube into the fixture, and rotate it 90 degrees to lock it in place. Turn on the fixture to ensure all tubes illuminate. Turn off the power to the fixture.

  4. Replace the cover

    Reverse the process of removing the cover to replace it.

  5. Dispose of florescent tubes properly

    Fluorescent tubes contain mercury, so you should not dispose of them with household waste. Contact your local waste disposal authority for the proper way to discard used tubes in your area.