How Do You Change the Filters in Shark Vacuums?

To remove the filter in a Shark vacuum, simply lift the filter from the dust cup, and wash it by hand. Re-insert the filter into the dust cup after it dries completely.

Shark offers a cleaning schedule for its vacuums’ filters. Filters made from foam or felt require cleaning every three months or whenever the vacuum experiences problems that may indicate a dirty filter. HEPA filters on some Shark models require cleaning every 12 months or more frequently during heavy use or if the vacuum loses suction.

Shark recommends emptying the dust cup regularly. Removing the filter and tapping it over the side of a trash can helps to keep it clean between washings. Regular emptying of the dust cup and tapping the filter to remove any loose debris ensures greater performance and maximum suction from the vacuum.

If the filter becomes too dirty, the vacuum’s suction may decline. The vacuum may stop sucking altogether or not suck as optimally as it should. Emptying the dust cup and washing the filter may help. A dirty filter may also cause the vacuum to power on by itself, indicating overheating. Cleaning the filter can sometimes eliminate this problem while protecting the vacuum’s motor from damage.