How Do You Change the Filter on a Trane Xe90 Furnace?


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Trane furnace filters can be easily replaced by locating the access doors on the inside of the unit. The doors may be located on the bottom, top or sides. The new filter should be inserted according to the directional arrows printed on it and the guidelines on the unit.

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The help of a specialist is not required in order to replace the filter; however, it's important to consult the owner's manual before performing any maintenance on the unit. Trane recommends changing the filters every three to nine months to ensure optimal filtration and increase the life of the furnace.

The thermostat should be turned off before opening the furnace. It's important to know if the unit has one or two filters and where they are placed inside the unit. There is an access door marked "filter" on the inside of the unit that can be opened by sliding levers. After changing the filter, the door closes easily by holding the levers down, then releasing when it's firmly in place.

In models with semipermanent filters, the filter can be taken out of the frame and cleaned with a vacuum. In units that use only disposable filters, they must be replaced with the same type and size as the original filters.

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