How Do You Change the Filter on an Amana Refrigerator?

The process of replacing the water filter on an Amana refrigerator varies depending on the model, according to Each refrigerator’s user guide contains detailed instructions on replacing the specific water filter, or users can follow several general steps to successfully replace the filter.

Depending on the refrigerator type and the location of the filter, users either need to turn, pull or push to remove the filter cap, according to Some filter caps say “push” on them; if the filter cap does not say push, then users need to pull or twist and pull the cap to remove it.

After taking off the filter cap, the old filter can be removed and discarded, states Place the filter cap onto the new filter, and set the new filter back into the refrigerator, by aligning the arrows and snapping the cap back into place.

After the new filter is securely in place, purge the air from the water line to prevent dripping. This is done by pressing and holding the water dispenser and holding it for five seconds, then releasing it for five seconds. Repeat the process until the water flows, and then continue for two additional minutes. If water continues to drip from the dispenser, repeat again until no dripping occurs.