How Do You Change a Dryer Outlet?


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Home improvement outlet Home Depot lists an adjustable wrench, a magnetic nut drive, a pencil, masking tape and a 3- to 4-prong dryer cord as materials needed to change a dryer outlet. The first step instructs the electrician to open the access panel, which starts with unplugging the dryer and then opening the access panel where the cord enters the back of the dryer.

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The site then says to use pieces of masking tape to label which colored wire should be attached to each terminal. The next step involves removing the cord, which begins with loosening the connection screws holding the wires in place. The electrician must then disconnect the ground wire or strap that connects the center terminal to the case. The electrician then uses pliers to hold the strain relief bracket in place, while loosening the bracket's screws and removing the cord. To attach the new cord, the site says the electrician may match the colors of the new cord?s wires to those on the terminal block when the replacement cords have a color code. The site then says to replace the access panel by first fitting the strain relief bracket into the cord access hole and evenly tightening both bracket screws firmly onto the cord before replacing the panel. In the last step, the electrician must test the dryer.

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