How Do I Change a Door Seal on a Whirlpool Washing Machine?


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To change a door seal on a Whirlpool washing machine, unscrew the front and top panels, remove the dispenser drawer and control panel, release the ring clamp, remove the door and seal, insert the new seal, and reassemble the machine. The supplies you need are screwdrivers and a seal.

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  1. Unscrew the access panels

    Unplug the washing machine, and unscrew the front and top access panels with a Torx-head screwdriver. Remove the trim ring around the washer door.

  2. Remove the dispenser drawer

    Pull out the dispenser drawer, depress its retaining clip, and lift the drawer out of the washing machine.

  3. Remove the control panel

    Unscrew the control panel, and use a flat screwdriver to lift it out of its housing. Gently extract the panel and its wires.

  4. Undo the ring clamp

    Use a screwdriver to release and pull out the door seal ring clamp.

  5. Remove the front door and door seal

    Unscrew the front door, unfasten its wiring, and remove it. Set it nearby. Pull the tip of the dispenser tube out of the door seal, undo the seal clamps, and pull the seal off of the tub lip.

  6. Install the new door seal

    Hold the new door seal with the tab pointing up and the grooved side facing the wash tub. Press the seal down around the lip. Attach and tighten the seal clamps, and reinsert the tip of the dispenser tube.

  7. Replace the front door and control panel

    Set the front door in place, reconnect its wires, and fasten the screws. With the door open, grab the edge of the door seal and ease it down around the door opening. Fasten the ring clamp to hold the seal in position. Return the control panel to its housing, snap the trim ring into place, and replace the dispenser drawer.

  8. Replace the access panels

    Replace the access panels, tighten the screws, and plug in the washing machine.

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