How Do You Change the Color of Tile Grout?

How Do You Change the Color of Tile Grout?

To change the color of floor tile grout, clean the grout and floor, wait until dry, color with grout colorant and allow to dry again. Sealing the grout is optional.

Prior to recoloring floor tile grout, it is important to read the instructions carefully because colorants do not have the same drying time and may require removal after a specified period of time, as noted by the Natural Handyman. The materials needed for the project are water, floor cleaner, a light-duty scouring pad, colorant product and a small brush that is the width of the grout lines.

  1. Prepare the grout for coloring
  2. Replace any missing grout or broken floor tiles. Clean the floor with water and a tile cleaner to remove any dirt or grease residue from floor and grout lines. Make sure that the floor is clean by rinsing it thoroughly with hot water. Let the floors dry completely before recoloring grout.

  3. Apply the colorant to grout areas
  4. Pour some of the colorant into another container, dip the brush into the colorant and apply to grout lines carefully to ensure they are evenly coated. Allow the colorant to dry the specified time period as directed by product instructions before cleaning any excess colorant product from tiles with water and pad.

Although sealing the colored grout is not necessary, it may be useful for minimizing water penetration into these areas, according to Ask the Builder.