How Do You Change a Circuit Breaker?

How Do You Change a Circuit Breaker?

To change a circuit breaker, switch off the main circuit breaker, and unscrew the load terminal wire. Remove the old breaker, and reverse the sequence used to remove it to install the new one. Use a voltage tester, a screw driver, and a new circuit breaker to complete this task.

  1. Switch of the power

    Switch off the branch circuit breakers one after the other, and shut off the main circuit breaker. Use a voltage tester to test all the wires to make sure they're dead.

  2. Remove the old circuit breaker

    Remove the panel cover, and examine how the old breaker is positioned in the unit. Unscrew its wire from the load terminal, and carefully pull out the breaker.

  3. Insert the new breaker

    Attach the back of the new breaker into the holder clip in the unit, and position the breaker into place. Make sure the new breaker lines up with the buss bar. Reconnect the circuit's wire to the load terminal, tighten the screw, and replace the panel cover.

  4. Test the new breaker

    Turn on the main breaker, and turn on the new breaker to see if it works. Turn on other branch breakers one by one. If the new breaker doesn't work, repeat the procedure to find the mistake. Call an expert if it fails to work after a repeat.