How Do You Change a Bathroom Faucet?


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To replace a bathroom faucet, the most important step is to pick out the correct faucet to fit the openings in the sink. Once this is accomplished, the process of replacing the faucet is simple, following a few basic instructions.

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When replacing a bathroom faucet, begin by turning off the water supply to the bathroom. Then, remove the old faucet, and clean the area to remove excess buildup that may have accumulated around the old faucet. Next, apply plumber's putty around the base of the new faucet to prevent future leaks.

Place the new faucet in the designated mounting holes in the sink. Hand tighten all washers and nuts on the mounting studs under the sink. Next, attach the water lines to the flexible water supply tubes on the faucet assembly. Be sure to connect the hot water line to the hot water tube, and the cold water line to the cold water tube.

Once the assembly is securely attached, turn the main water supply back on. Then, turn on both the hot and cold water. Run the water on full blast for several minutes until the water runs smooth and is free of excess air. If the water stream is clear of air and there are no leaks, the new faucet is ready for use.

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