How Do You Change an Amana Dryer Heating Element?

change-amana-dryer-heating-element Credit: Claus Christensen/The Image Bank/Getty Images

To replace the heating element in an Amana dryer, remove the service panel and locate the existing heating element. It may be necessary to disconnect some wiring to open the service panel, and some models require removing the drum to locate the heating element. Replacing the heating element may require an hour or longer.

  1. Remove the service panel

    Unplug the dryer, and refer to the owner's manual to identify the location of the heating element. Depending on the location of the heating element, it may be necessary to open the front by removing the screws at the bottom of the dryer and disengage the clips at the top of the panel. Disconnect the wiring connected to the panel.

  2. Remove the heating element

    The heating element is typically located behind front service panel near the bottom left on Amana dryers. If the heating element is not visible, remove the drum. Remove any wiring that is connected to the heating element after it is visible, and screw the new heating element in place. Reconnect the wiring to the heating element.

  3. Reassemble the dryer

    Replace the drum, and connect the necessary wiring to replace the front panel. Plug the dryer in to test the new heating element.