How Do You Change an Air Filter?


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Changing an air filter is a relatively simple process that can be completed in a few minutes if the proper materials are available. In order to change your air filter, you need access to your air conditioning unit and a new air filter.

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How Do You Change an Air Filter?
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  1. Turn off the air conditioning unit

    Examine your air conditioning unit. Most have some mechanism that you can use to turn them off. If you are unable to find a switch to turn your air conditioner off, you can simply cut off power to the breaker. Ensure that the unit is off before you continue because it's dangerous to replace the air filter on a unit that's running.

  2. Remove the existing filter

    Look for the air filter on your air conditioning unit. Usually, the air filter can be found on the right side of the unit. Using your hand, simply pull the air filter out of its slot. This should be a simple process and shouldn't require too much pressure.

  3. Put in your new air filter

    Remove your new filter from its packaging and examine it. There should be arrows indicating which direction the filter should face when placed inside of the unit. Making sure the arrows face the correct direction, use your hand to insert the filter into the now vacant slot.

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