What Are Some Free Chainsaw Carving Patterns?


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Some examples of free chainsaw carving patterns include the Cowboy Boot, Teddy Bear, Standing Eagle, Maori Tiki and Chess Knight, which are available on ChainsawCarve.ca. These patterns are suitable even for beginners.

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The patterns depict the resulting shape in views from the front, from the side and from above. They also show the lines that need to be cut into a piece of wood to prepare it for further, more precise carving. The pattern for the Standing Eagle even contains a three-dimensional depiction of a block of wood after the first phase of carving. Some of these patterns are also suitable for speed carving, such as the Teddy Bear and the Chess Knight.

Drawing the lines of the design of the chosen pattern on the timber with either a piece of chalk or with the tip of the chainsaw helps to follow the pattern as the work progresses. It is good to get some introductory chainsaw carving classes before starting to carve. Wearing appropriate clothing, safety gloves and safety glasses helps to prevent injury. While carving, it is important to prevent the timber from moving by using sacks of sand or other pieces of timber. Also, the chainsaw used for carving needs to be in good technical condition.

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