How Do You Find Certified Dealers for Briggs & Stratton Products?


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As of 2015, you can find authorized Briggs & Stratton dealers through the Dealer Locator on the company website; enter your ZIP code to receive a list of nearby dealers. Briggs & Stratton provides a map that shows local dealers' addresses and, in some cases, phone numbers and business hours.

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In addition to carrying the company's products, Briggs & Stratton's authorized dealers also provide warranty service, replace engines, repair products and provide replacement parts to the general public. Briggs & Stratton distinguishes some authorized dealers as Diamond Dealers, a designation indicating that special services can be rendered at the location in question. Diamond Dealers employ a master service technician specifically qualified by Briggs & Stratton to perform engine and product warranty services for all of the company's products. Additionally, Diamond Dealers maintain a large selection of authentic replacement parts commonly used to service the company's products, making them preferable for customers who need repair or parts replacement services.

Briggs & Stratton advises its customers to ask their local authorized dealers about the specific services they provide, since not all dealers are authorized to perform the same services. The company's dealer locator provides five search filters corresponding to its various product categories: engines, portable generators, home generators, pressure washers and water pumps.

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