Where Are Ceramic Heaters Used?

Where Are Ceramic Heaters Used?

Ceramic heaters are particularly useful for small rooms or offices. Ceramic heaters are a type of convection heater distinguished by their use of a fan to distribute warmed air.

Ceramic heaters are generally small and energy efficient. These heaters warm electricity as it passes through the unit. The heater's aluminum baffles then absorb the electricity, and its fan redistributes the warmed air.

Consumer Reports calls attention to the importance of considering safety features when selecting a space heater. It is wise to select a model that shuts off automatically if it overheats or tips over. Space heaters can cause fires if they do not have such safety features. Ceramic heaters are considered less dangerous than other types of space heaters because their surfaces are less prone to reaching excessive temperatures.

Consumer Reports also notes that space heaters with fans are preferable to those without. Of the three heaters that the organization tested, the three lowest-rated were also the only ones lacking fans.

Though consumers often expect space heaters to save them money on home heating bills, such savings tend only to materialize if the homeowner is willing to keep temperatures lower in other rooms. Otherwise, it is best to buy a space heater to increase comfort rather than to increase savings.