What Is a Ceramic Heater?


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A ceramic heater is a type of space heater that heats using convection. When on, electricity passes through heating wires embedded in small ceramic plates. Once the plates heat up and heat the aluminum baffles, a fan then blows the hot air out allowing it to heat the surrounding area.

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These heaters are almost always portable, and very safe for heating a small space or room. Ceramic materials are used instead of other methods of heating since they are very good electrical insulators and have excellent thermal conductivity. Most ceramic heaters contain what is called a ceramic infrared radiator, which is a resistance heating wire that sits within the ceramic material. Due to this, the energy from the wires is directly transferred to the ceramic material, while also keeping the wires from overheating.

The ceramic material also usually stays cool to the touch, which reduces the risk of burns and accidental fires significantly. This allows ceramic heaters to not only be much safer than many alternative methods, but also have a longer usage life. Ceramic heaters are also very energy efficient, and many even have an automatic shutoff or a timer to ensure that you are not wasting extra energy.

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