Is Ceramic Cookware Non-Stick?


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Ceramic is a non-stick material that is derived from heating natural elements, such as clay and other raw materials. In recent years, ceramic coatings have been applied to cookware making them non-stick. The coatings are considered to be an environmentally friendly non-stick option.

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Non-stick cookware is either made with a ceramic coating, or falls under the non-stick category of PTFE, a coating that is commonly known by the name brand, Teflon. With the rise of ceramic coatings, debate has stirred regarding the safety differences and functionality of ceramic compared to Teflon. Although ceramic is fairly new to the cookware world, its non-stick characteristics match those of Teflon, and many people choose the ceramic route due to the fact that it is a more natural product.

PTFE coatings give off fumes when heated that can be detrimental to a person's health. When used correctly and within the recommended temperature range, PTFE coated cookware is safe to use. Those concerned with the fumes and exposure to toxins should opt for ceramic coated cookware, because ceramic is durable, affordable and holds up well over time. A range of coating depths are available as well; the thicker the coating, the longer the lifespan. Overall, ceramic is great as a non-stick material that can perform on par to Teflon products without risking hazardous exposure.

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