How Do You Center a Hole to Be Drilled?


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When you need a hole to be drilled in the center of an object, there are many different methods that can be used to find the center. For many of these objects, there is a commonly used technique that involves line intersection. To follow this method, you need a center finder head, a metal rule and a very sharp knife that can be used to scratch lines into the object being drilled.

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How Do You Center a Hole to Be Drilled?
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  1. Create the first line

    Attach the center finder head to the metal rule and then hold the object being drilled in the V-notch that is formed. Using the very sharp knife, create a fine line there. This serves as the first necessary line of intersection, so make sure that you can clearly see the fine line.

  2. Scribe the second line

    Rotate the piece so that the V-notch is lined up differently. Like before, you must use the sharp knife to create another secondary line. Again, be sure that you can clearly see the line.

  3. Find and mark the point of intersection

    Remove the metal rule and center finder head from the object that you will be drilling. You should be able to see an intersection of the two lines you created. This intersection is the approximate center of the object and should be used to guide the drill.

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