Why Is the CEMEX Concrete Brand Beneficial?


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The CEMEX concrete brand is beneficial to the construction industry in that it provides products with high strength-per-unit cost and that are sufficient for sustainable construction. CEMEX has a pool of experienced technologists who are also well-versed with the various concrete constituents and how they interact. Accordingly, the CEMEX concrete brand is tailor-designed to meet the particular needs of builders all over the world.

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CEMEX’s researchers also develop chemical admixtures that keep increasing the quality of the concrete to meet the ever-increasing demands for performance in the construction industry. The CEMEX concrete portfolio includes products such as the ultra-rapid hardening concrete, self-consolidating concrete, pervious concrete, crack-resistant concrete and architectural concrete, as of 2015.

CEMEX concrete products allow for sustainable construction as a result of the continuous improvements the company makes on the products. The company is therefore able to assure constructors of continued durability, resistance to adverse weather conditions, energy-storage capacity and light reflection, among other benefits. The concrete also allows building designers to experiment with numerous designs without fearing that their structures pose safety hazards to the people in or near them. CEMEX’s concrete products have the ability to store energy and minimize temperature fluctuations in structures, cutting air conditioning costs.

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