What Are Some Cellular Shade Options Sold at Lowes?


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The two main brands of cellular shades sold at Lowe's are Redi Shade and Allen + Roth. Options include different price levels, fabrics, sizes, colors, insulation levels, privacy, light filtering and corded or cordless.

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Cellular shades, also known as honeycomb shades because of the shape their compartments make, are window shades that are known for their durability, practicality and popularity in the United States. The honeycomb shape of their compartments traps air, providing a layer of insulation over windows. Cellular shades can be bought at lowes.com by searching for the key term "cellular shades" and can also be bought directly at Lowe's stores. Sizes of cellular shades sold at Lowe's include both standard and custom sizes, ranging from approximately 18 inches to 72 inches-wide. The highest priced cellular shades can be several times the price of lower cost options, and prices can be sorted from low to high or vice versa on lowes.com using the menu features at the top of the page.

Common cellular shade fabric options found at Lowe's include polycotton and polyester. There are many color options available; most commonly in shades of white and brown. Light filtering options filter shades that allow a great deal of light, some light or almost no light through the window. This light filtering also allows for different levels of privacy, as the shades that filter the most light also make it more difficult to see through them from the outside. Corded and cordless options give users the option to raise and lower the shades by the customary use of a cord or through pushing or pulling the shade to raise or lower it.

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