How Are Celebrity Tomato Plants Grown?


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Grow celebrity tomato plants by using good soil and adding compost and mulch to the soil. Fertilize the plants, and water them regularly. You need compost, lime, mulch, water, stakes or cages and a trowel.

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  1. Use good soil

    Plant celebrity tomato plants in good soil that is rich and fertile. Make sure that there is plenty of organic matter in the soil.

  2. Add compost

    Add organic matter to the soil by using organic compost or manure. Work the compost evenly into the soil. Add lime to the soil, which helps the tomato plants to absorb nutrients. As a rule of thumb, you need 3/4 cup of lime per tomato plant.

  3. Dig holes

    Dig holes for the tomato plants that are deep enough for the root balls. Keep the holes at least 2 feet apart to give the plants room to grow.

  4. Add fertilizer

    Add an 8-8-8 ratio fertilizer to the holes before planting. Mix the fertilizer with the dirt.

  5. Plant the tomatoes

    Place the tomato plants into the holes. Fill in the holes with the soil, and firmly press the soil down.

  6. Add stakes or cages

    Put stakes or cages over the tomato plants. This protects them from predators and the wind.

  7. Mulch the plants

    Mulch the plants with an 8-inch layer of straw or a 3-inch layer of sawdust. This helps the soil to remain moist while preventing weed growth.

  8. Water thoroughly

    Water the plants thoroughly. They need plenty of moisture in order to grow fruit.

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