What Are Some Ceiling Panel Designs for Mobile Homes?


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The three most common ceiling designs for a mobile home are drywall, ceiling board and suspended, also called a drop ceiling, which uses panels or tiles. The ceiling panel design of a mobile home depends on the age of the home.

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Suspended ceilings that use common 2-by-2s or 2-by-4s are typically not difficult to repair if a panel needs to be replaced. Flat panel ceiling board used in many newer mobile homes can be difficult to repair, as they may be as long as 14 feet, which makes getting the material through the door a challenge. The process means replacing drywall, sealing the seams and matching the new texture to the old. Some homes might have support strips every 16 inches, although the ceiling panel may run a full 14 feet, making replacement difficult.

In older homes, replacement panels are available, although the exact design may be difficult to match perfectly to the old. Designs have may have changed since the time of the home's construction, and materials tend to turn yellow with age, so repair probably won't produce a perfect design match.

Thick drywall is less likely to sag but is heavy, large and fragile. Paneling that is thin must be supported every 12 inches; otherwise, the paneling may sag.

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