What Is a Ceiling Light Diffuser?


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A ceiling light diffuser is a light panel or cover that diffuses light within a room. It produces a soft lighting effect in contrast to direct light coming from one concentrated source.

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A ceiling light diffuser combats harsh light and shadows that result from a single dense source. The most basic diffuser is a translucent panel that conceals a recessed lighting fixture. Reflector cowls frame some diffusers so that lighting over the panel area is diffused. Alloy angles hold up most diffusers to the ceiling, while others are attached to lighting fixtures. Diffusers work well with incandescent, fluorescent and organic or regular light-emitting diodes.

The flush panel arrangement is the most commonly used diffuser and so is the fitted ceiling panel system with trim frame. Another variant is the pin-array diffuser, which conceals threaded fiber optic light emitters in a grid or a random pattern. Diffusers with white baffles remove the appearance of black holes in the ceiling, while black baffles reduce glare.

Ceiling light diffuser panels in different materials complete the fixture and range from stained glass to an acrylic finish. Most panel designs focus primarily on aesthetic value and the room's decor, while others have additional features such as UV radiation absorption.

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