What If My Ceiling Fan Overheats?


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If a ceiling fan overheats, it may cause a fire or an electrical shock. There have been many factory recalls on ceiling fans due to fires and injuries caused by overheating.

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Although ceiling fans are mostly safe, there have been instances of fans overheating and causing fire damage or injury to people. The problems have included issues such as overheating light bulbs and faulty wiring.

When purchasing a new ceiling fan, be sure to keep the paperwork and register the new product with the manufacturer. This is necessary to receive any recall notifications that apply to the fan. After receiving a recall notice, stop using the fan immediately, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for getting the fan replaced or repaired. If buying a used ceiling fan, ensure the seller still has its original paperwork, register the product and check for any recalls in its history.

Remember that the job of ceiling fans is to cool people, not rooms. Therefore, always turn the ceiling fan off when leaving the room, advises Delmar Fans. This not only keeps the fan from overheating, it also conserves electricity. In addition, periodically clean the fan, particularly around the vents, as this can stop the accumulation of flammable dust build-up.

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