What Are Some CedarCide Products?


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Popular CedarCide products include Tickshield, an insect repellent, and the PHL Concentrate solution for animal pest control, as of 2015. Another CedarCide product is the organic weed and spider killer called Ridaweed.

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Tickshield is a CedarCide product that repels larger insects such as ticks and stinkbugs. It is an industrial-strength product that is still safe to use on both dogs and humans. Tickshield softens the exoskeletons of insects and destroys their respiratory systems. The product works for camping, hiking and hunting situations and has undergone independent laboratory testing.

Pet Horse Livestock (PHL) Concentrate repels fleas, ticks and pests on livestock such as horses, cows, sheep, pigs and llamas. Customers use PHL for barns, stables and other animal bedding spots. PHL also eliminates mange and dry skin issues in dogs. Diluted PHL solution provides odor-control benefits and leaves behind a cedar smell after use.

Ridaweed is a 300-grain acetic acid solution that kills weeds, flies and spiders. Another use for Ridaweed is to acidify soil for plants such as gardenias and azaleas. Ridaweed is applied directly to leaf surfaces and is 100 percent natural. This solution is safe to use on pets and livestock and can remove skunk smell from dog fur.

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