What Causes a Washing Machine to Not Spin?

What Causes a Washing Machine to Not Spin?

While there are many reasons a washing machine might not spin, some of them, such as an unbalanced load in the machine, are easy to fix. Other common problems include problems with the power supply, a plugged drain hose and or a lid switch problem.

Fixing an unbalanced load is as simple as opening the machine and redistributing the clothing inside the tub. Most have a sensor that stops the spin cycle when it detects a problem. Once the load is balanced again, the owner closes the lid and the machine resumes spinning.

Washing machines require electricity to work. Sometimes power plugs become disconnected from the outlet. Circuit breakers can also trip. Before calling for repair, owners should check the power cord and circuit breaker. If the breaker is between the on and off positions, the owner should turn it to the off setting and then back to the on position.

Washing machines create a great deal of lint. This lint or a small item can sometimes move through the line to create a clog at the end of the drain line. If the line is clogged, it cannot drain. Owners should check for obstructions, remove them and restart the spin cycle.

If the lid does not activate the lid switch, the machine does not spin. On some machines, closing the lid with more force than normal activates the switch to start the spin cycle.