What Causes a Washing Machine to Shake?


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Some of the problems that cause a washing machine to shake include damaged shock absorbers, detached suspension springs or worn dampening straps. The exact problem causing the washing machine to shake depends on the specific brand and model.

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What Causes a Washing Machine to Shake?
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Front loading machines have shock absorbers responsible for limiting the tub movement, particularly in the spin cycle. Weakened or damaged shock absorbers cause the washing machine to shake, especially on uneven loads. Homeowners should replace damaged shock absorbers to avoid further damage. The shock absorbers are usually located at the base of the frame, behind the front panel. They should be checked for signs of leaking fluids and broken attachments.

Suspension springs are responsible for absorbing the wash basket vibration particularly in the spin cycle. Detached or damaged springs cause excessive vibration and noise during the spin cycle. Homeowners should inspect the suspension springs, usually located under the top panel. These should be re-attached, or replaced if they are stretched beyond repair or are defective.

Finally, some washers use tub dampening straps to restrict the tub’s movements particularly during the spin cycle. These are usually four rubber straps, which can stretch or become damaged over time. This causes the washer to shake violently and create a banging noise. Homeowners should replace damaged dampening straps, usually located below the top of the washing machine. All four straps should be replaced at the same time.

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