What Are the Causes of Washing Machine Drain Overflow Leakage?

causes-washing-machine-drain-overflow-leakage Credit: Alex Wilson/Digital Vision/Getty Images

GE Appliances reports that the most common reasons for washing machine drain overflow are clogged drain pipes or improperly attached drain lines. Drain lines can become blocked when debris from laundry builds up in the pipe.

GE Appliances states that the drain line should be clamped properly to ensure that the pipe doesn't move. The line should be secured to the permanent drain pipe in the home using the clamp that is sold with the washer or with a replacement clamp from the manufacturer. It is also possible for drain pipe overflow to occur when there is an issue with the plumbing. GE Appliances recommends watching the drain cycle to determine exactly when the leak begins. If the leak occurs during the last half of the drain cycle, the problem may be the home's plumbing. Checking the screen or filter and replacing rubber washers on the drain hose helps prevent and treat drain pipe overflow.