What Causes a Trane Furnace to Stop Heating Up?


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Some of the common problems that cause a Trane furnace to stop heating include improper thermostat settings, a closed gas valve, and blocked vents and filters. Homeowners should first try to reset the unit and see if this solves the problem.

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Homeowners should check that the thermostat is set correctly if the furnace stops heating. The fan should be set to Auto and the thermostat to Heat to fix the problem. The temperature should also be set 3 to 5 degrees above the current room temperature.

A furnace that is not heating can also be caused by clogged vents and filters. These openings need to be unclogged to remedy the problem. Homeowners should inspect the vents and ensure that they are open. Next, they should inspect the filter, and clean it if it is clogged. Some filters cannot be cleaned and need to be replaced. It is important for homeowners to clean the filters regularly to avoid this problem.

Finally, the gas valve needs to be in the On position for the furnace to work properly. Homeowners should check that the valve is flush with the pipe, which indicates that the valve is on. The gas valve is responsible for providing fuel to the unit to provide heat. Homeowners should contact a qualified appliance repair person, preferably one with experience in Trane appliances, if the problem persists.

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