Why Are Some Causes of Power Outages?


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Planned interruption of power occurs as a result of system maintenance. Various natural and artificial circumstances lead to the occurrence of unplanned power outages and are often beyond control of utility companies.

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Why Are Some Causes of Power Outages?
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During storms, lightning can hit electrical equipment and cause power loss. Ice storms cause ice to build up on power lines and trees. The weight of the ice can make tree limbs, or even an entire tree, fall on power lines and break them. Heavy rain causes flooding, which can damage electric equipment above and below the ground, resulting in outages. High wind makes power lines touch as they sway, creating a short circuit.

Accidents from vehicles and construction equipment may also break electric lines. Disruption of the power supply can also occur when contractors excavate or dig without taking note of the location of underground wires, cutting them off. Animals sometimes climb electrical equipment, such as transformers and fuses, causing them to shut down or leak electric current.

Power equipment may fail due to exposure to high loads of electric current over an extended period. Electric wires may also become loose and stop working. The insulation can break, resulting in an abnormal build up of current and short circuits.

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