What Causes an Ice Maker to Malfunction?


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Causes of malfunctions in an ice maker include frozen fill tubes, kinked water lines or low water pressure. Solutions range from going through what amounts to a power cycle with the icemaker to using room temperature air to solve the issue.

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What Causes an Ice Maker to Malfunction?
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When an icemaker does not make ice, the first place to look is the water supply line. If the arm of the icemaker moves then makes a buzzing sound that lasts about 10 seconds, the water valve is requesting water but the water is not coming. This is a sign of a problem with the local water supply, so check that lines are not bent and water pressure is sufficient. The next place to look is inside the fill tube as this can freeze. Small and gradually shrinking ice cubes from the machine is another sign of a frozen fill tube.

If the icemaker does not shut off, it helps to elevate the bail wire to turn the motor off and then take the icemaker out altogether to clean and reinstall it. When the icemaker has completely frozen, unplug the refrigerator and take out the bin from the freezer. Wait for the temperature to rise, allowing the blockage to melt and the icemaker to work properly.

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