What Causes Home Air Conditioners to Rattle in Your Attic?


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Poor installation, excess dust or debris and broken or loose parts are some causes of rattling in air conditioners. Unbalanced blades, bad bearings, rusted motor or a faulty attic fan can be further causes for rattling.

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An air conditioner can produce rattling noise if the fan is loose or the compressor is not working. Consumers can use a screwdriver to tighten any loose part. Alternatively, they can replace any faulty part. For replacement, users need to know the brand and model of their air conditioner.

The outside part of a unit easily gathers dirt, twigs and leaves. To stop the rattling, consumers can manually remove any debris from the outside portion of the unit and vacuum any dust or debris inside the unit. Furthermore, they should also clean any other exposed part using a spray cleaner.

The motor turns the blades of the air conditioner unit. Over time, a motor can rust and produce some rattling noise whenever in operation. To solve this problem, one can replace the rusted motor. Wear and tear can cause bad bearings that ultimately result in rattling. Solving this issue entails replacing the bad bearings with a new set of a similar make and model. Failure of air conditioner grooves to match up causes unit instability, which in turn results to rattling. The easiest way to solve to problem is reinstalling the air conditioning unit.

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