What Are the Causes of Freezer Problems?

Dirty condenser coils, evaporator fan motor failure or a defective start relay switch are common freezer problems that cause the freezer to malfunction or not freeze. Frosted-over evaporator coils, a worn-out condenser fan motor or a defective temperature control thermostat are also common culprits of a malfunctioning freezer.

Freezer owners who do not clean the condenser coils on their freezers may experience freezer failure or freezers that do not get cold. Lint, dust and dirt can coat the coils, causing them to be unable to dissipate heat, severely affecting the unit’s ability to cool. Checking to see if the evaporator fan motor is working is part of troubleshooting a freezer. A faulty door switch is sometimes the reason that the fan is not running, since the fans of many models stay off when the door is open.

Frosted-over evaporator coils cause freezer malfunction. The evaporator works by defrosting the heater coils for a few minutes several times daily. Sometimes, the defrost heater assembly burns out, causing the coils to frost over, making them unable to function.

Additional causes for freezer problems include a defective main control board or control and display board. A defective compressor fails to circulate refrigerant, causing freezer failure. Have a qualified appliance repair professional troubleshoot possible problems to determine the exact cause of freezer problems.