What Are Some Causes of a Chirping Smoke Detector That Has a New Battery?

Some reasons for a chirping smoke alarm that has a new battery include dust and debris, temperature fluctuations and the possibility that the silent button is malfunctioning. The smoke alarm may also chirp if it is at the end of its life.

A smoke alarm can beep when it has dust and debris in it, and if there are spiders or other insects in the alarm, it may also beep. To remedy this, an individual can clean the alarm by using a blower of computer keyboard vacuum to remove the dust.

Temperature fluctuations may also cause a smoke alarm to beep or chirp, and if the thermostat is very high or low, the smoke alarm may detect it and chirp. There is also the possibility that the smoke alarm is detecting hot air from the shower or kitchen. To avoid this, move the smoke alarm further away from these areas.

Most smoke alarm manufacturers want customers to test the smoke alarm periodically by pressing the silent or test button. When pressing it, the alarm beeps. It is possible to press this button without knowing it, however, especially when cleaning the alarm. To stop this, a person must switch off the circuit breaker to the alarm, remove the smoke alarm and batteries, and then press the test button for about 30 seconds. After, the person can replace the batteries, switch on the breaker and verify that the smoke alarm is quiet.