What Categories of John Deere Tractors Are Featured on EBay?


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EBay.com has many different categories of John Deere tractors for sale, including compact and sub-compact models, regular farm row crop tractors, utility tractors and industrial size four-wheel drive agricultural machines. As with all auction-based companies, the actual inventory varies depending on the currently available listings from sellers.

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The sub-compact tractor lines are riding mowers and zero-turn mowers for residential use. Compact machines come with a variety of available attachments and are powered by 25 to 66 horsepower engines; compact machines are for larger home projects or relatively light farm work. They typically come with a front loader bucket for moving items like dirt, gravel and snow. Some also have built-in mowers underneath.

Row-crop tractors are the most conventional style. These work vehicles have rear hitches to accommodate a variety of implements such as plows, discs and scrapers. The utility-style tractors are shaped similarly but also have hydraulic arms with attachment mounts on the front end that allow users to attach many more types of implements, including bucket loaders, bale spears, floating tines and silage defacers.

Large industrial tractors are fit for heavy field work and have dual tires in the front and back with four-wheel drive capability. They are also available with military tank-style tracks or treads.

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