How Do You Catch a Raccoon?

To catch raccoons, set baited traps in the areas that are frequently visited by the raccoon. It is recommended that homeowners contact their local Game and Fish Commission, or a similar agency, to determine whether the animals may be trapped and relocated. Trapping raccoons may require several attempts, and traps should be checked daily.

  1. Monitor the raccoon

    It is necessary to determine which paths the raccoon uses most frequently in order to properly place the trap. Look for signs of entry into a porch roof or gaps in hollow trees where a raccoon could enter.

  2. Set traps for the raccoon

    Set traps along the pathways used by the raccoon, such as on the roof near the animal's entrance. Choose a trap that is at least 32 inches long and 12 inches wide, and anchor the trap securely to ensure it closes properly. The trap may be baited with food, such as corn or marshmallows, if necessary. If the animal has young in the area, place the young in a trap before trying to capture the adult. In most cases, a mother raccoon enters the trap willingly when the young are placed inside first.

  3. Relocate the raccoons

    In some regions, it is required by law to relocate raccoons to an approved rehabilitation center for animals. If it is allowed by law, relocate the animals in a heavily wooded area at least 10 miles from the home.